Startup Games

Over $105,000 Raised for Charity

Also, lots of tasty canned meals.

Keep your team happy


Because who doesn’t want to spend a day meeting great folks at great companies to watch an epic shuffleboard tournament? There’s also a few other games going on in the background to pass the time.

Attract top new talent


The companies that compete in the Startup Games represent what it means to be a killer startup. Top talent recognizes that and will want to work with you.

Support great causes


Every team, not just the winners, are able to donate money to charities they chose, and they believe in. If you’ve wanted to give back, but struggled with how, we can help.

I’m kind of a big deal in this town, and I’ll be there. What better things do you have going on?

Josh Baer

Austinpreneur, Capital Factory

We started the Games to have fun, with other tech startups in Austin. It organically grew into so much.

Chuck Gordon

CEO, Sparefoot

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