The Inaugural Startup Games: Colorado goes down to a Tiebreaker!

The Inaugural Startup Games: Colorado goes down to a Tiebreaker!

After 5 years in Austin, Startup Games looked to expand to Denver. On October 15th in the RiNo District’s Glitter Dome, 7 companies from Denver, Boulder, and Longmont met to find out who the champion of Colorado would be.

After the Opening Ceremony where board members of Startup Games lit the torch to begin the Games, the companies set off to earn the big trophy and big charity grant.

HomeAdvisor kicked things off with the first Gold in Ping Pong. Blinker quickly took a commanding lead, though, placing in first or second for four of the five early events. Not to be outdone, Sphero and joint team ReadyTalk & The Dialog Lab earned their share of medals. Rounding it out, ReturnPath and Circle Graphics earned a couple medals of their own.

Ibotta, after a Gold in the Mystery Event, marched their way through the ranks taking 1st in 5 events, reaching Blinker’s 15 points in the final event, Flip Cup.

A tie for first meant we needed a tiebreaker. 3 athletes from Blinker and 3 from Ibotta took the main stage to compete in Muscle Chug. Each athlete took a knee, then placed a cup with half a beer balanced on their bicep, and drank. In a best 2-of-3 relay, Ibotta emerged the winner, and champion of Startup Games: Colorado!

Congratulations to Ibotta who earned $7,000 for their nonprofit of choice, Judi’s House. With their 2nd place, Blinker earned $5,500 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And a third place victory from HomeAdvisor earned $4,500 for Open World Learning. The remaining companies earned $2,000 for their nonprofits, totaling $25,000!

Check out each company with the nonprofit they supported:

Company Nonprofit
Blinker St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital
Circle Graphics Open Studios
HomeAdvisor Open World Learning
Ibotta Judi’s House
ReadyTalk/The Dialog Lab Big Brothers Big Sisters
ReturnPath Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Sphero I Have A Dream Foundation

And, the official results:



It was a great day. Tons of fun. And, a wonderful opportunity to give away $25,000. See y’all next year!