Your Team and Startup Games: Level Up

Culture, causes and community - they matter to your team.

Build Culture. Help Causes. Grow Community.

Startup Games: Level Up – an event just for mid-size companies – is an opportunity for you to show your employees and community that you care about great causes and great culture. Your team will spend a day competing alongside each other to support a chosen cause that is meaningful to your company.


What is Startup Games?

  • 8-16 mid-size companies (250+ employees) compete in 10-12 events common to the startup culture.
  • Each team makes a donation and plays for a charity that is meaningful to them.
  • ALL of the charities get a check, with the largest pieces of the pie going to the first, second and third place teams.

Our employees at uShip practiced for Startup Games year round – most importantly, they did it together. We’re of course joining at Everfest, because we know what SG can do to bring a team together.

Jay Manickam

Founder, uShip and Everfest

What does entry include?

  • Free entry for the team’s athletes (usually 30-40 per team)
  • Branding on event shirts given to every attendee
  • Branding on brackets, leaderboard and “step and repeat” backdrop
  • Presence on Startup Games website and social media/press promotion
  • Free beverages for attendees
  • Note that entry for non-athletes is a suggested $10 donation

What is the cost?

  • The Entrance Fee is $8,500 at the Level Up tier.
  • Team registrations are a tax-deductible donation to Startup Games – $1,000 of the registration fee is not deductible, as it is in exchange of the goods and services provided in the team-building activity.
  • We strive to keep an even playing field and a sizable pool, but understand that cost is sometimes an issue – we have to give priority to teams that make the full donation, but can get creative here and there.

It’s been amazing to see how pumped our whole team gets for Startup Games. The athletes working together you’d expect – but everyone else shows up to root them on. It’s a great venue to build and show pride in your company.

Chuck Gordon

Founder and CEO, SpareFoot