Launch Your City

Launch. Network. Hustle.

Get in on the Action

Be our first feet on the ground in your local startup community. If you think you’ve got the connections and hustle to help make Startup Games a reality in your city, we want to hear from you. We’re growing and we want to go to there.

Step Up


Take the initiative and rally leaders in your startup community to come together for a great cause.

Always Be Growing


Build invaluable experience and work with a network of talented entrepreneurs.

Support Local Causes


Teams support the charity of their choice – so you’ll be joining a global movement with a local impact.


Competition at the Startup level is open to companies of 30 to 250 (ish) employees. But if you are early-stage and not quite tall enough to ride yet, we still want to hear from you! Spots fill up fast, so it’s never too early to be thinking about next year.

Level Up

We’ve introduced a mid-weight division because the startups keep growing but still want to play! Level Up features even more team-focused events so you can get everyone involved and is a great way to keep your culture going as you grow.


If you’re a bit bigger of a company but still have some of that startup spirit in you, we’d love to find a way for you to participate. Regional branches can participate in local Level Up events, we have numerous sponsorship opportunities and can even do private events.

Join Us!